Core Value Series: Inspire Discipline in Your Team

Core Value Series: Inspire Discipline in Your Team

If you want your business to be successful, you need a team full of people with aligned goals. People with good self-discipline are committed, goal-oriented, and determined. They know how to transform their motivation into visible results. With the proper tools, you can inspire discipline in your team by praising growth, encouraging learning, and recognizing your team’s strengths.

Learn how to inspire discipline in your team.


As a leader, you have the ability to create an environment that encourages consistency. Setting reasonable goals and defining your expectations with new hires is a great way to build discipline early on. It is always a good idea to ask each team member what they hope to gain from their experience with your company. Your team consists of unique people with individual wants and needs, so not every conversation needs to be business-related. If you set clear goals and show your team that you value them, you will be creating an environment that encourages discipline.


What personal hobbies do your team members talk about before meetings? What projects bring the most excitement to your team? Leaders who inspire discipline pay attention to the projects that make their team members excited to come to work. If someone seems to have a passion for the outdoors, consider coming up with a team activity in the mountains. If someone expresses interest or knowledge in another area of the business, think about cross-training them. We all crave new and exciting experiences. Feeling passionate in life is what motivates us to be disciplined in our professions.


Research shows that we are more productive when we give ourselves mental breaks. If your team members feel burned out, they may benefit from an early lunch or a walk around the building. Without regular breaks, your team members will begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed. It may be a good idea to make sure your building has a quiet area that allows your team members to reflect on their projects. Creative breaks can help your team members overcome any barriers they come across in their projects.


Coming up with activities that make your team proud to be a part of your business is a great way to inspire discipline. Without fun and stress-free activities, your team members can become indifferent in the workplace. If you come up with fun activities in the workplace, your team members will have more opportunities to express themselves. Finding ways to build self-expression and enjoyment in the workplace is one of the best ways to increase motivation and discipline. It may be beneficial to implement short yoga sessions in your business. Yoga refocuses our brains and increase our productivity. During yoga sessions, consider encouraging your team to share how they feel their current projects are going.


One of the hardest trials in life is overcoming short-term desires to reach long term goals. There is a difference in taking meaningful breaks and getting distracted by your surroundings. While technology is great asset to our modern society, it has also rewired the way our brains function at work. Setting a good example for your team early on shows that you are an attentive and driven leader. If you notice that certain team members get distracted easily, consider having a meaningful talk about how you can help eliminate those distractions. Be patient and considering with your team; we all have days where our minds feel preoccupied.


Everyone reaches different levels of productivity throughout the day. One of your team members may find themselves intently typing at their computer every day at 8 am. At that same time, another team member may still be working on fully waking up. We all know ourselves and our productivity levels at specific times of the day. Trusting your team enough to know their productivity schedules shows that you have confidence in their abilities. Taking the time to consider the individual productivity levels of each team member will help you determine how you can tailor your discipline approach.

Discipline is a core value here at Rainbow Sign & Design for a reason. Without self- discipline, it is nearly impossible to reach your long-term goals. However, it is also important to realize that improving discipline within ourselves is a lifetime journey, not something that is achieved overnight. If you want to inspire discipline in the workplace, take the time to learn how your business relates to your team members’ passions and long-term goals.

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